Lutheran Church-Missouri

LCMS Homepage The main site for the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod (of which St. Paul’s is a member)
Central Illinois District St. Paul’s is a member of the Central Illinois district of the LCMS
Concordia University Chicago
Concordia University Wisconsin
Concordia University Texas (Pastor Meyer’s Alma Mater)
Concordia Seminary St. Louis (Also Pastor Meyer’s Alma Mater)
Concordia Theological Seminary Fort Wayne
KFUO Radio A radio station owned and operated by the LMCS with music, Bible Study, and more…
Concordia Publishing House LCMS owned and operated, publishes books, Bible Studies, and mor
Lutheran Hour Ministries
Lutheran Hour Men’s Network Lots of good stuff for guys.

Useful Sites

Bible Gateway
Issues Etc.
E-Sword E-Sword allows you to download various translation of the Bible, plus many other useful
recourses, all for free!
The Book of Concord The Book of Concord contains the confessions (things believed and taught) of
the Lutheran church.  We believe that the articles contained in this book are correct
interpretations of God’s Word.